Sheet Metal Forming

Sheet Metal Forming


We are able to carry out the planning, design, manufacture and assembly of sheet metal working and processing in-house at A&W. Our machinery allows us to use a wide range of production techniques

We have a laser cutting system with automatic loading and unloading for sheets up to a size of 4000 x 2000 mm. Steel sheets up to 20 mm, stainless steel sheets up to 12 mm and aluminum sheets up to 10 mm can be cut.

For bending sheet metal, we have a press brake with a pressure force of 230 tons and a bending length of up to 4000 mm. Sheets made of S235 and a thickness of 10 mm can be bent up to a length of 3000 mm. In the thin sheet metal sector, bends of up to 4000 mm are possible.

We manufacture machine enclosures and soundproof cabins for our customers according to their individual requirements. We also install the associated electrical and pneumatic systems