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Precision: EDM

EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), Erosion of circle segments, e.g. Sprocket segment with dovetail joint.

Wire EDM is a forming manufacturing method for electrically conducting materials and for the production of complex geometries with very high dimensional accuracy. It will be produced by the discharge voltage pulses sparks, which decrease material from the workpiece (anode) with high precision on a continuous wire (cathode ) and transferred to a separating medium, the dielectric. In this process , depending on the hardness of the workpiece , the temperature along the parting line rises over 5000 ° C.

Erosion process in the dielectric

The use of Erosion in the component manufacturing means accuracies are < 5 microns.
Applications: Manufacture of high precision , hardened components, e.g. in aircraft or in other manufacturing areas of mechanics, which require a very high dimensional accuracy.

Setting up the workpiece in the EDM.

Precision components of mechanical assemblies.